Tuesday, July 28, 2015

By Fire and Sword: Cossack Skirmish Set

Had two days off before GenCon, so in addition to banging out that DZC Thunderstorm Custom, I also knocked out the BFAS Cossack Skirmish Set, and a little something else....

Painting infantry for BFAS really is a joy. I don't really HATE painting cavalry (IE horses), but I've been doing A LOT of them recently, so the infantry is a nice change of pace.

As usual with my BFAS armies, I opted for a non-historical paint scheme involving uniforms. The Registered Cossacks have a blueish greyish uniform, the Moloitsy are tan, and the Mounted Cossacks are a dark grey/green.

I'll need to get some more models to represent the Mounted Cossacks dismounted option. I'm a little sad they didn't come with the skirmish set, although that probably would have raised the cost a lot. Tactically, I expect I'll use them as dragoons and dismount them early on, rather than fighting mounted.

I acquired several more wagons, but only did the two from the box set for now.

Also, I painted up Collodi and Basilia from the Malifaux Neverborn line as use a new Frostgrave "Puppet" warband. Although I bought them for use in Frostgrave, playing around with them does have me tempted to play Malifaux again...

More detailed pictures on the Malifax after GenCon when I dive into the rest of the box set!

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  1. Already done!!! You make me ill. I am still working on peasant partisans I started a month ago! :) Cossacks are a very different play style and fun! Well done.