Monday, July 29, 2013

Bolt Action: Polish Lancers

Started these guys the night before BFAS came in and everything went on hold, so I figured I'd finish them off last night. Need to order another blister of three before I have enough for a legal unit in the game though.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

By Fire and Sword: Swedish Skirmish Box Set

Got the Swedish Skirmish Box set painted up. These figures are just AWESOME, and my lackadaisical painting just doesn't do them justice.

Operation Overlord : 1500pts 50th TT vs SS PanzerKo

Got in a quick Overlord game today against Chris J. (Too many Chris's around here!)

We only had a little under two hours, so we went with 1500pts, and I played a 16-model FV list.

Chris took three platoons of boots, a platoon of shermans with one firefly, 6pdrs, M10s, a trio of universal carriers, and 120mm mortars. I took four panthers, four PZ4s, and a platoon of 5 mech panzergrenadiers. The mission was Fighting Withdrawal.

Panthers hiding behind buildings from the mortar observer

PZ4s in the wheat field while the boots double time towards the woods

Recce carriers providing some covering fire

M10s pop out from behind a house

And knock out one Panther with a flank shot.

The Shermans knock out two PZ4s

The Panthers fail to kill any M10s in return fire, and one pays the price by dying to a front shot!

While the Shermans kill the rest of the PZ4 platoon. This isn't going well.

The Panzergrenadiers attempted to assault, but whiffed and died in the counterattack. The Panthers carry on an assault them off of the objective, but die in the following turn to M10s sneaking around the rear.

Well, that was certainly a quick game. Little over an hour from making the army list to tear-down. Germans, while getting thoroughly trounced, did manage to take down two platoons on their way out, for a 4-3 British victory.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

FoW EW: Japs vs Soviets, 1500pt

Played a quick game against Al today. 1500pts Soviets vs Japanese out of the new book. Al's had Jap figures for a while, so this was his first chance to use them in an official FoW list.

We played Pincer. It ended up being a little bit one sided - the Soviets didn't lose a single model in the end.

Al's list consisted of 3 full strength FV platoons with the suicide tank hunters, one engineer platoon, two field guns, two ATGs, and 2 HMGs.

I took 21 BT5s, 5 T-28s, and a full motorstrelk blob of 29 stands.


Next time, we're going to try with him on the attack and me with a strelk blob list and see if they fare better. Even with the Banzai charge and Human Bullet rules, the Nikuhaku teams never got into close combat - even though they went through the defensive fire, they just always took so much that they got killed to a man.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Historicon Photo Dump

Nothing really special here - I didn't take a ton of pictures, and the ones I did take wern't great. But crappy pictures are better than no pictures. Random convention photos first.

All is Quiet on the Martian Front demo table

Some pics from the Bolt Action area

I have got to get one of these in 28mm. They are super sweet looking.

guess who?

Later in the day, I played a qjuick 'Nam game with Steve. We played 1200 Contact, Contact, Contact. I played the PAVN and got CRUSHED. My first PAVN loss.  Bittersweet.