Friday, July 12, 2013

Some Random Game Pics: WFB and BA

No real content here today - just a few pics from some games I played today. Not enough of either to really make a batrep.

First I played Jay in a 1000pt Fantasy game. Jay was playing Chaos and I brought the Skavens. It ended up really close on VP with Jay eeking out the edge for the win. Apparently table quarters aren't a thing anymore..oh well!

Lucky Warp Lightning Cannon shot takes out half the unit of warriors

You got this, rat pack. You got this.

Fleeing wolves also scare off the warriors.



Hold the line, Slaves!

Warpfire Thrower explosion gone bad.

Slaves still holdin' the line.

Then I played a 1000pt Bolt Action game with John. I played my Polish Black Brigade and he played Germans.

I squeezed out the win in this one. Can't stop the Tankettes!

Tankettes take out the halftrack on turn 1.


Tankette passenger.

A line of Poles

Some Germans advancing on the other side, hiding behind trees like the cowards they are!

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