Monday, October 29, 2012

Some M18s

I really have no text to say here other than here's some M18s. How exciting.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WIP Zel'Naga

Some Zel'Naga dropships. These MaskedFX masks seem to be the latest craze on the DZC forums, so I figured I'd follow suit. Overall I'm pretty happy with the second go at these guys, after my first go having the masks rip off the undercoat when I took them off -_-

Awaiting more weathering powders to finish the ground vehicles and a replacement part for one of the walkers.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jagdtigers On the Prowl!

A few quick picks of some Jagdtigers I tossed together last night. They are Old Glory miniatures since the Battlefront ones don't release until December, and I wanted some to use now! Nothing too special on these figures, and didn't want to put a ton of effort in to them, since I'll likely be replacing them in two months anyway.

The OG models, as usual, require a bit of cleaning up, and I only did it halfway, so you'll see a few mold lines and such.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

PSA: Dropzone Commander and Dawn Power Dissolve

Just a heads up to anyone using Dawn Power Dissolver on their Dropzone Commander minis - don't leave them in overnight! While I've never had any issue with it on any other type of plastic, metal, or resin figure, it will melt your DZC figures! Not that it needed to be left in overnight, but I was too busy playing Diablo 3 to take them out -_-

In other news, since I have no real content to post today, look for some JagdTigers in the next day or so, and hopefully a new Zel'Naga starter box early next week!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

1250 Carris vs US Rifles

Played a quick 1250 MW game with Alex today. We spun up the mission Pincer. It went about how'd youd expect - Carris rolling over infantry =) A quick 6-1 victory for Alex, leaving plenty of time after for Memoir '44 and Pandemic! I only took a few pictures of the game, so enjoy!

As a side note, I'm looking for someone in the DC area that wants to help and devote a few hours a month to planning for NOVA 2013. If interested, go ahead and shoot me an email!

A sideways pic of my army - 2 full rifle platoons, short M10s, full 105s, and 3 shermans

Alex's Carris. 2 full platoons, one mid sized platoon, and 4 PZ4s.

The great wheel of missions spun up Pincer! Also, Alex is hiding in the background looking pretty mischievous.

The Italian battle line moves up

PZ4s on the prowl

Lots of MG fire incoming!

Carris crash into the lines, but lots of casualties from bazooka fire!

A few more causalities as the 2nd wave hts

A few brave riflemen huddled in the corner!
M10s charge on from reserves valiently trying to feed the objective

But they are short lived!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Semi WIP M10s

Some quick shots of some M10s I'm working on. The still need a tad more work - the gun barrels need smoke effects and the base of the keep needs to be painted, among a few other bits.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dropzone Commander Three-Player Free for All!

Got a three-way game of Dropzone Commander in today with George and another Scott, with Matt taking over for the other Scott when he had to bang out early.

We set up a pretty cool board, using a felt mat that other Scott painted up, and a bunch of really cheap N-Scale cars from Japan, along with the cardboard buildings and some random FoW terrain pieces.

We played a pretty generic mission with two focal points between the two players. The focal points were the fountain. It ended with a Zel'Naga victory as he was the only one that actually stayed on the objective, but really, we were just driving around smashing each other, and sometimes, the cars!

The battlefield

Musta been a chick driver

A parking lot!

Another chick driver?

Ok, this is worse than chicks...must be Maryland drivers.
Protoss move on to the board

Zel'Naga catch up on the action

Protoss deploy

Terran moves up

And garrisons the building!

Zel'Naga walkers deploy

Terran Rapier AA tanks prepare

Hiding behind their landed dropship for cover, they smash a distance Zel'Naga dropshop!

The Terran dropshop providing cover takes 2 damage in return fire, but the mechanics are hard at work!

But the damage the builds up too fast

The explosion of a Bear APC takes down two cards with it

Protoss on the hunt

Another Zel'Naga dropship falls from the sky

Protoss blowing up some cars. Why? Because they can.

After a Close Quarters Battle, the Terran have one single dude alive. The Zel'Naga are in slightly better shape.

Protoss on the prowl.

This streets getting pretty messed up.

Condors falling from the sky!

Terran Sabre Battle Tanks taking down some Zel'Naga walkers.