Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bahamas Photo Dump

So this has nothing to do with little toy soldiers, but it explains why I've been gone for a week. A few pictures from our cruise to the Bahamas, which is mainly just me playing around with the new panorama camera in my phone.

Baltimore Harbor

The parking lot at Baltimore

Baltimore is a scary place

No clue WTF this is

Molly at Cocoa Beach

Sunrise east of Port Canaveral

Nassau from a distance

Nassau lighthouse

Some rich dude's house

That resort from the TV commercials

Molly in the room

A gecko 

Paradise Cove

More Paradise Cove


Blue water outside Freeport

Boat orgy outside Freeport

Finally, cooler temperatures

So our steward made us a towel animal each night. 


Dog maybe?


No fucking clue.

KKK guy?


Again, no fucking clue, but this one has chocolates on it.

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  1. jealous. I want a steward who makes towel animals for me.