Wednesday, January 16, 2013

British Paras: The Boots

Going to do a couple articles highlighting my Brit Paras. I painted these up in a one-night bender about a year ago, and with the new MG compilation book, I've dusted them off again.

Today, we'll look at the basic boots that form the core of the army.

Army shot

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


No pictures of shiny models or anything today, but just wanted to let folks know that I'll be at Templecon. I've got Eclipse open gaming scheduled for Friday night, FoW tournament during the day Sat/Sun, and DZC hopefully on Saturday night. If your at the event, stop on by!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Huzzah MW 1550 Photo Dump

Some pictures from the Huzzah 1550 MW tournament. As per usual, I started out with lots of pictures that decreased as the day went on.

I took a fairly anti-infantry Rota list.

I played Bruce with Hungarian tanks in round one. It was by far my closest match of the day, and a very tight game. It ended with a game-saving air strike on my behalf, forcing a 4+ company morale that he passed, winning 4-3 in his favor.

Round two I played Chuck, playing a light panzer co. I got overun pretty hard, but still pulled out a 4-3 loss in his favor.

Round three I played against Paul, who was playing a PZ3/PZ4 mixed co. I pulled out a 5-2 win with the help of some lucky air strikes and failed bogged tests on his behalf.

This event, run by Bill Dorais, was my first (and I think everyone's first) FoW tournament with chess clocks. They seemed to be well received. I'm still on the fence about incorporating them into NOVA.

Made Bruce deploy up on a hill in Breakthrough!

Well, these mortars won't last long.

Bruce has this flag that he sticks in a random terrain piece each game. I think it's a nice touch.

Look at the mess of dead tanks...

This air strike is going to hurt....

Shh. Those totally aren't A&A tanks.

A game winning double bog that allowed my infantry assault to force a company morale.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bolt Action Frenchies!

Recently acquired a Bolt Action French army. Picked up a Defenders of France box, a MMG, a 75mm gun, and an additional platoon of boots.

I split the two squads of boots into two full rifle squads and a small platoon of 2 LMGs.

Army Shot