Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Protoss Starter Box

Some quick shots on my Protoss (Shaltari). Still trying to figure out this camera deal. These guys are pretty sweet. I might go back and try to shade the blue sections with a wash, although the blue itself its already pretty dark, so I'm not sure how the wash will take.

Army shot

Protoss dropships are actually warp gates - they materialize and de-materialize troops rather than actually transport them around

Anti armor grav tanks

AA grav tanks

AA grav tank closeup

Their infantry are super elite, and only come in squads of two stands of 3, as opposed to the usual three stands of 5!

Infantry closeup

Friday, August 24, 2012

1500pt Polish Lancers vs Soviet Strelk EW goodness!

1500 Early War strelk mob vs Polish cav/train! Neither list is particually "good", but both seemed really fun, and we're going to have the armies out for play at NOVA, so we figured we give them a shot. Mission is Fighting Withdraw with the Strelks attacking (since they did IRL).

The Polish list consists of 2 platoons of hooves, ex 37mm ATG, 4x 75mm arty, 5x Tankettes w/ Orlik, and a train with two light arty batteries. The Tankettes and 37mm begin in ambush, with one squad of hooves bypassed.

The Soviets have two full platoons of boots (37 stands each!), 5x T35s, and 13x T26s! Five T26 start on the board. Six more show up on turn 2, and the rest on turn 3.

The Soviets muster their forces

A semi blurry iPhone shot of the Polish

The Polish deploy the 75mm arty behind the hill

And one squad of hooves dismounts into boots!

One blob on the left...

...and one on the right...

...and the panoramic shot!

Soviets with the first turn start moving up!

1 T26 bogs in the woods and the rest of the forces mosey on forward

The train moves onto the board leaving the 75mm in a less than stellar position

The 37mm ATG pop from ambush

They kill 2 T26 and bail a 3rd, but they pass their morale

Still moving forward. Chris needs some movement trays!

The infantry ineffectively assault the train

They lose two boots in defensive fire, but get to move about 8-inches forward as a result

More T26s show up and bog down

The cavalry on the right flank charge out of the woods

But only two get into contact to swing.

After some pushing and shoving, the assault cav are wiped out, but inflict a good amount of casulties

The soviet right flank is stretched thin

The left flank is looking much better!

The left flank assaults the ATG and pushes onto the objective

Some fearless command stand/objective contestor you are, Mr 37mm command stand!

The right flank advances torwards the right objective

The tankettes pop form ambush to hold onto the objective

A tankette is bailed by rifle fire (lol!)

Right side blob assaults the three remaining dismounted cav

And move onto the objective for the win!

There were a number of cool moments that didn't get photographed. The train wrecking the T35s with direct shots, and the bypassed cavalry coming in and assaulting the right flank in the rear. All in all, it's a tough mission for the Polish when they only have so many bullets! I might try to sneak in some Tchenkas to give the Polish a little more oomph!

This game was a total blast. I really love playing the Polish Cav/Train combo - just tons of fun. The strelk blob was interesting. Chris never got to use the wave attack rule, sadly, but he did fall victim to sabotaged tanks!

If you're swinging by NOVA Open this weekend, stop by the demo tables with a friend and try your hands with either of these forces!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dropzone Commander Zerg (Scourge) Starter Box

Here's some pics of the Zerg (Scourge) starter box. Picture quality slowly improving!

This is part of my goal of having each starter box available for demo games. While Terran (UCM) will be my main faction, I want to knock out each starter box first. Protoss (Shaltari) are assembled and on the painting table next.

The Zerg are pretty interesting. Most of the vehicles are skimmers and have movement values of 9", which is SUPER FAST for a ground unit in this game. So they're not totally stranded if their dropship blows up. The get defensive bonuses for moving fast, and unlike skimmers in 40k, they can still shoot at full effect moving their full move. (That totally pissed me off about Eldar, but that's another rant).

For those looking for more historical pictures, while I have been working on some Bolt Action Soviets and Flames of War Americans, they'll be going up on some other blogs shortly. I'll be sure to put up some pics once they go up!

Army group shot

Three medium dropships

Medium dropship closeup

Three AA tanks

AA tank closeup

A squad of boots. They look super terrible closeup because I can't physically see the detail. I guess 20/15 eyesight isn't good enough for 10mm.

Three MBT

MBT closeup