Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dropzone Command Figures Arrive!

Well I was under the impression that my PHR starter army would arrive today, but turns out it was my UCM instead! I'm fine with this, as UCM will probably be my "main" faction, and I think has the most posability in the figures, so wanted to get a head start on that. Here's some photos of a quick unboxing through assembly. Still learning to use the lightbox, although with unpainted bare white resin models, the pictures are not great.

Arrives in a mini-KR multicase...

..loaded with foam! (Although KR foam is pretty terrible, imo)

Everything laid out

Post assembly army shot!  550ish points!

Sabre Main Battle Tanks. They have a decent anti-armor gun mounted on this crane-like object that raises and lowers to allow it to shoot over obstacles.

Rapier AA Tanks. Have the same crane arm mechanism as the Sabres, but mount an AWESOME AA gun in its place that can shoot lots of light flak, or fewer high strength shots.

Legionnaires. Basic infantry grunts. While I think a lot of people will be neglecting the infantry in this game, they are necessary for taking objectives and clearing out buildings. Also, the UCM infantry gets a  rocket launcher (guy kneeling in the back)

Condor Medium Dropship. Super high mobility transport for...well..just about anything.

And the underside of the Condor.

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