Friday, August 17, 2012

Dropzone Commander UCM Starter Box

Some more DZC stuff. The Terran (UCM) starter box fully painted up in two nights. I wasn't actually going for the stock color scheme - I was aiming for a grey scale system, but my basecoat of Vallejo German Fieldgray was far more green than expected, so I just went with it. The detail on these figures is amazing for 10mm, and as I kinda rushed in assembly, there were some chips and errors I made.

Many thanks for Jay for helping out with the photography!

Condor Dropship group shot. The Condors are pretty speedy in comparison to many - being able to move 9" and still drop troops off.

Single Condor Dropship

Three MBTs. In my games thus far, these guys have failed to measure up against the PHR AT walkers, do the fact that there are only three of these little guys, and they on;y have one DP each.

Three AA support tanks. AA is so crucial in this game. This guys do FAR more work than the actual anti-armor MBTs. Too bad they are limited in force org by being support (as is most AA)

A squad of basic infantry. I really like the UCM infantry, and I feel like it's a focus of the army. They have decent small arms fire that can combine for AA shots, and each stand gets a rocket launcher that can punch the heaviest of armor as well.

Infantry closeup.

I'll be expanding this army to 1k, still in the Skirmish size, soon. I plan on adding four gunships (they are SO good), a command vehicle+Condor, and some scout buggies (because those models are just sweet!)

I've also started a Zerg (Scourge) starter box, which I've intentionally done up in the book scheme. The figures are done, but I'm mounting them on small flight stands to get the skimmer look down, so expect them up in a few days.


  1. hey it's Scott from Huzzah! I'm pretty psyched about DZC too but my stuff is taking forever to come. If you're planning on playing anytime soon let me know. I'd love to see a game and i can bring my terrain (i got really excited so i whipped up an urban mat, a bunch of card buildings and now I'm working on some scratch built stuff).

  2. And your stuff looks great by the way!

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