Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Protoss Starter Box

Some quick shots on my Protoss (Shaltari). Still trying to figure out this camera deal. These guys are pretty sweet. I might go back and try to shade the blue sections with a wash, although the blue itself its already pretty dark, so I'm not sure how the wash will take.

Army shot

Protoss dropships are actually warp gates - they materialize and de-materialize troops rather than actually transport them around

Anti armor grav tanks

AA grav tanks

AA grav tank closeup

Their infantry are super elite, and only come in squads of two stands of 3, as opposed to the usual three stands of 5!

Infantry closeup

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  1. These are 15mm right? in terms of photography, I like to have at least two different light sources coming from different directions. It certainly brightens up the pics.