Monday, December 31, 2012

Rota Razvedki Reinforcements!

I've been wanting to run Rota Razvedki for a while now, and it's the last major block of Soviet troops I didn't already have done. So I painted up some Universal Carriers and Stuarts, along with some more BA-64s.

The Universal Carriers are nice because they get one transport per stand in the Rota platoon, so there's lots of MG fire to be had, and fewer chances of casualties should a transport pop.

 The BA-64s are the go-to choice for recon. You can take them in squads up to 7, but for now, I'm going to stick with four.

And of course, Stuarts! I was hoping to hold off until these were available in plastic, but I bit the bullet. With the new Hens and Chicks, even more mobile MG fun!

Friday, December 14, 2012

1250 MW Soviets vs Finns

Some quick pictures of a 1250 pt MW game I played with Al. Soviet Strelk vs Finns.

Soviet list consisted of two short platoons of boots with 2x HMG each, full HQ sappers attached out, short scouts, 4x 120mm mortars, and 4x SU-85. Finnish list was roughly two platoons of boots (one had HMGs), 3x T34s, 3x 120mm mortars, and 2x Pak40s. Mission was surrounded (gross, I know).

Strelk Blob pre infilatrate

Finns deploy in the woods with the tracks

Finns and Mortars

The scouts take a building!

Strelk moves up but gets pinned....but not for long!

Assault! Quick! While we still have QoQ (barely)!

Scouts building hopping and chasing down an observer

T34s on the prowl 

Finnish counterattack!

We push back and forth....

And come out victorious

Giant alien from space with yellow laser? Or hand with a tape measure. Take your pick.
T34s engage in a long range shoot out with the SU85s.

The objective is ours!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SAGA - 6pts Vikings vs Franks

Played a game of SAGA with Chris. We played the scenario where the warlords start off in engagement range in the middle of the board and start with 12 hit-points. Victory condition is to kill the opposing warlord, but if neither warlord dies, the warlord with the most damage is victorious!

The Vikings

Warlords face off in the middle

Franks board Turn one. Basically my plan was to charge in and have a good charge with the warlord, while moving up the rest of the units behind him.
Vikings start moving up...

Anticipation gives me nice defenses for his first turn, and he chooses not to attack yet

Frank board turn 2: Only 2 in the battle pool is enough to clear some fatique. Interdiction was going to go on Activation Pool (and I think it always should), but I wasn't sure at the time if I could place it there or not. Ended up putting it on Frigg.

A devastating charge with the Combat Pool bonus...didn't even need the second unit with  Oppression

So the other unit moves up to support the flank

Turn 3: Retribution is just so good at keeping fatigue down.

I charge the warlord into the berserkers, hoping to kill the unit and put a lot of damage on the warlord. I didn't quite kill the unit (one survived) but did get my warlord up to NINE wounds! 

And his friends arrive to bubble wrap him.

A few failed viking charges put some wounds on the franks, but do not kill any units off completely.

Turn 4: The plan here is to finish off the small units of stragglers and use Interdiction against Activation Pool to really hurt him on SAGA dice.
Interesting rules scenario. Started a thread on it!

Turn 5: Preparation into a 6 for...

Pretty simple turn.  Removing all my fatigue and gaining lots of defense dice.  Super defensive.

They charge in to no avail due to Protection

Turn 6: Looking a lot like last turn but...

An even more defensive bit!

At this point I forgot to take pictures, but it was basically just turtle up with 11 rounds. I didn't quite have the offensive power to take down the warlord, but I did manage to kill off all the units.

The Franks board is interesting. In this game, I just using my Vikings is a stand-in, and didn't make benefit of any of the mini-faction choice rules. they could definitely be pretty strong if you build a list for them - specically few, but large, strong units. At 6 points, I'd probably take eight warriors (split into 2 units of four two for orders) and 20 Hearthguard (split between two units of ten). If you make use of the Battle Pool, you really don't get a ton of activations, but you can make those activations strong. Sometimes, it might be worth not using the Battle Pool all-together and just go for activations, although if you do so, all of you "sixes" are worthless.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SAGA Tournament Photo Dump

 Some pictures from the SAGA tournament at Huzzah on Dec 1. I took Bretons with the hero that removes terrain, hence the sparse terrain on the boards.


My Bretons

Battlefield shot

Bretons charging forward

End og fame failed charge leaving me surrounded by hungry Jomsvikings

Anglo Dane archers

Anglo Dane Warlord surrounded by friends

More Anglo Danes

Even more Anglo Danes

Archers move up

Prepping the charge

Balancing the figures off the hill!

Flank attack!

Warlord VS Warlord....mine lost -_-
Viking archers

More Vikings

The wide flanking!

Line up, boys!

Charge in!

Believe it or not, this warlord won this fight and then went on to win the game....