Friday, December 14, 2012

1250 MW Soviets vs Finns

Some quick pictures of a 1250 pt MW game I played with Al. Soviet Strelk vs Finns.

Soviet list consisted of two short platoons of boots with 2x HMG each, full HQ sappers attached out, short scouts, 4x 120mm mortars, and 4x SU-85. Finnish list was roughly two platoons of boots (one had HMGs), 3x T34s, 3x 120mm mortars, and 2x Pak40s. Mission was surrounded (gross, I know).

Strelk Blob pre infilatrate

Finns deploy in the woods with the tracks

Finns and Mortars

The scouts take a building!

Strelk moves up but gets pinned....but not for long!

Assault! Quick! While we still have QoQ (barely)!

Scouts building hopping and chasing down an observer

T34s on the prowl 

Finnish counterattack!

We push back and forth....

And come out victorious

Giant alien from space with yellow laser? Or hand with a tape measure. Take your pick.
T34s engage in a long range shoot out with the SU85s.

The objective is ours!

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