Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gorgon Studios 28mm Polish Black Brigade Figs

Still need to do something with the bases...

(apparently these got supersized at some point. sizing fixed)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Polish 10th Cav Update

Well, gotta kick this in to gear as I need these done by this Saturday.

First, the trucks more or less assembled. I left off the front bumper and the gear shift.

Plowed through the boots last night. Two platoons of boots w/ AT rifles, and 3 platoons of guns.

Still not sure what I want to do with the basing at this point.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cold Wars Loot Haul

I went with the intention of picking up some new roads, and returned with no roads and a lot of unpainted resin. As a side note, they almost didn't let me in, as apparently they close registration at 1600, and due to crazy Saturday DC traffic, we got their at 1605. Man would I have flipped a shitstorm if they turned us away....

I was planning on checking out Wargamers Terrain Flexroads, and their deluxe rivers. The rivers looked awesome on their webpage, and the roads sounded like what I was looking for, but in person, they were not quite as appetizing. The flexibility and quality of the roads is great, but they appear to be haphazardly cut out, almost as if done by hand, hastily, via scissors, leading to unpleasant looking edges. I could probably tidy them up a bit myself once I got them, but if I'm going to put effort in to them, I could probably just tidy up the ones I made myself...

I then checked out Battlefield Terrain Concepts roads. These are more of a rubber type. They are very nice, but two things stuck out against me with them:

  • They're expensive
  • They don't overlap each other, forcing you to either plan your board very carefully, or cut them as needed

So, I ended up buying about 20 more sections of stone walls, two 25% BTC buildings (one giant centerpiece church and a random eastern front building), a pack of awesome looking fences, and a pack of 4 HMG bunkers for $8 (FoW Vietnam perhaps?)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some DZC, French, and a Cake

So posting has been a bit sparse. I've been up to a lot of video games recently (Path of Exile and Eve), so there hasn't been a ton of modelling done.

I did have a recent birthday, and my wife made me a tank-cake:

Luckily she took some old PSC tanks instead of the heavier metal ones that probably would have sunk in the frosting!
Painted up some DZC Scourge Corsair interceptors. They're probably the worse interceptor in the game (Simon would disagree!) but I think they look cool.  

And last but not least, I painted up some French vehicles during SnowQuester. I bought these on a commission at Huzzah ($150 for the below, along with 2 additional Somuas and 4 additional Hotchkiss). I couldn't turn down such a deal - they were pre-assembled, so I took it as a speed painting challenge. Five hours total - 4 hours painting, and one hour on decals and weathering. Not too shabby quality for such a quick job =)

So what's new on my plate? I'm working on an Early War Polish "Black Brigade" army using True North figures. Expect a few posts on those coming up soon. Also have a 28mm Black Brigade force in the pipe for Bolt Action - look for a Tankette to be posted up on soon!