Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SAGA Tournament Photo Dump

 Some pictures from the SAGA tournament at Huzzah on Dec 1. I took Bretons with the hero that removes terrain, hence the sparse terrain on the boards.


My Bretons

Battlefield shot

Bretons charging forward

End og fame failed charge leaving me surrounded by hungry Jomsvikings

Anglo Dane archers

Anglo Dane Warlord surrounded by friends

More Anglo Danes

Even more Anglo Danes

Archers move up

Prepping the charge

Balancing the figures off the hill!

Flank attack!

Warlord VS Warlord....mine lost -_-
Viking archers

More Vikings

The wide flanking!

Line up, boys!

Charge in!

Believe it or not, this warlord won this fight and then went on to win the game....

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  1. Really liking the Saga pictures! Thanks for posting them up.