Monday, January 14, 2013

Huzzah MW 1550 Photo Dump

Some pictures from the Huzzah 1550 MW tournament. As per usual, I started out with lots of pictures that decreased as the day went on.

I took a fairly anti-infantry Rota list.

I played Bruce with Hungarian tanks in round one. It was by far my closest match of the day, and a very tight game. It ended with a game-saving air strike on my behalf, forcing a 4+ company morale that he passed, winning 4-3 in his favor.

Round two I played Chuck, playing a light panzer co. I got overun pretty hard, but still pulled out a 4-3 loss in his favor.

Round three I played against Paul, who was playing a PZ3/PZ4 mixed co. I pulled out a 5-2 win with the help of some lucky air strikes and failed bogged tests on his behalf.

This event, run by Bill Dorais, was my first (and I think everyone's first) FoW tournament with chess clocks. They seemed to be well received. I'm still on the fence about incorporating them into NOVA.

Made Bruce deploy up on a hill in Breakthrough!

Well, these mortars won't last long.

Bruce has this flag that he sticks in a random terrain piece each game. I think it's a nice touch.

Look at the mess of dead tanks...

This air strike is going to hurt....

Shh. Those totally aren't A&A tanks.

A game winning double bog that allowed my infantry assault to force a company morale.

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