Sunday, October 21, 2012

1250 Carris vs US Rifles

Played a quick 1250 MW game with Alex today. We spun up the mission Pincer. It went about how'd youd expect - Carris rolling over infantry =) A quick 6-1 victory for Alex, leaving plenty of time after for Memoir '44 and Pandemic! I only took a few pictures of the game, so enjoy!

As a side note, I'm looking for someone in the DC area that wants to help and devote a few hours a month to planning for NOVA 2013. If interested, go ahead and shoot me an email!

A sideways pic of my army - 2 full rifle platoons, short M10s, full 105s, and 3 shermans

Alex's Carris. 2 full platoons, one mid sized platoon, and 4 PZ4s.

The great wheel of missions spun up Pincer! Also, Alex is hiding in the background looking pretty mischievous.

The Italian battle line moves up

PZ4s on the prowl

Lots of MG fire incoming!

Carris crash into the lines, but lots of casualties from bazooka fire!

A few more causalities as the 2nd wave hts

A few brave riflemen huddled in the corner!
M10s charge on from reserves valiently trying to feed the objective

But they are short lived!

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