Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Operation Overlord: Seize and Hold - British Paras vs Whittman's Tigers

Today Chris and I played our first Overlord game. We intended to get one in last week, but ended up playing 'Nam instead. I was playing British Paras and Chris was playing Wittman and Tigers.
The board
The British list from Overlord consisted of:
  • Two full para platoons
  • One full para engineer platoon
  • Four 6pdrs
  • Two 17 pdrs
  • Four HMGs
  • Four medium mortars
  • Heavy naval cruiser support
The German list from Atlantik Wall consisted of:
  • Whittman
  • Platoon of two Tigers
  • Platoon of two Tigers
  • Full platoon of gez. panzergrenadiers
  • Small platoon of pioneers
We played Seize and Hold. So what if we're past the airlanding stage - we doin' it anyway!

Panzergrenadiers holding an objective in the forest
First wave of paras comes on - para platoon, engineer platoon, and HMGs

The engineers double time forward prepping for a flamer attack next turn

Which knocks out one panzerpioneer

The following assault kills one, but the Gemans wisely break off

Engineers take to the trees

On turn two, both Tiger platoons arrive in the corner behind my HMGs. Luckily, the assault only kills one HMG and they are able to take refuge behind some paras.

Whereas my 6pdrs arrive in the opposite corner

One pioneer standing outside the house that holds the rest of the platoon. You can hear a faint "Guys? Hey guys? Um....guys?"

Tigers sitting perhaps a little too close to the woods. Don't worry, I failed my tank terror.

Far flank paras assault the pioneers in the building, but Whittman comes over and pushes the paras back.

Day finally breaks on turn 5, allowing the naval cruiser to pound a tiger.

Next turn the naval cruiser kills one halftrack and bails two. Nice saves =)

And the following turn, kills another Tiger. Wait, is this just a blog about "What my naval cruisers killed?"

With only one Tiger left in this platoon, the paras take it down.

And fun back to their woods

Halftrack shooting whittles down the engineers, but they stay.

Another round of naval gunfire makes the panzergrenadiers run, leaving the objective open.

But no reason we can't kill one more Tiger before we take it, right?

Game ends in a 6-1 victory for the British. Looking forward to another game later this week where I'll hopefully be debuting my new Task Force A.

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