Monday, July 15, 2013

More FoW 'Nam - Amuricans!

Painted up some US Airborne Riflemen. The blister was geared around a 7 stand platoon, but the Air Cav list I'm building uses 9, so I went with three figs per base to stretch it out, and it also let me avoid the poorer sculpts.

Medic team

Also made two wounded markers. Clearly they're cooler than a plastic blood drop, right?

What's next on my painting table?  
22 Zvezda BT5s. (They're actually done minus decals)
The crashed Huey FoW objective
Some IS-2s

Hopefully later this week, my "By Fire and Sword" stuff will arrive and I can start that. And whatever else I purchase  at Historicon this year. See you there!

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