Thursday, July 25, 2013

FoW EW: Japs vs Soviets, 1500pt

Played a quick game against Al today. 1500pts Soviets vs Japanese out of the new book. Al's had Jap figures for a while, so this was his first chance to use them in an official FoW list.

We played Pincer. It ended up being a little bit one sided - the Soviets didn't lose a single model in the end.

Al's list consisted of 3 full strength FV platoons with the suicide tank hunters, one engineer platoon, two field guns, two ATGs, and 2 HMGs.

I took 21 BT5s, 5 T-28s, and a full motorstrelk blob of 29 stands.


Next time, we're going to try with him on the attack and me with a strelk blob list and see if they fare better. Even with the Banzai charge and Human Bullet rules, the Nikuhaku teams never got into close combat - even though they went through the defensive fire, they just always took so much that they got killed to a man.


  1. The banzai charge rule seems like a bit of a backhander to me. If you got stopped by defensive fire the first time, do you really want to have a second go? Sounds like a fast way to die! Will be interested to hear how the Japanese perform on the attack, their special rules seem more geared towards being the attacker.

    1. It can be beneficial. It's not going to let you pull off assaults you wouldn't normall pull off, but it might help against assaults you statstically should make, but get pinned by awesome dice rolling.

      With banners, the Japanese need six hits to pin, which if in the open would require 12 shots on average. That type of assault the Banzai rule should help for. What it doesn't help against is taking 30 shots from assault a line of tanks...

      Yeah, I'm also eager to see how the assaulting Japanese work, although, even with night attack, I think the lack of smoke might hurt!