Wednesday, July 8, 2015

By Fire and Sword: Base Labels

 Busy prepping for Historicon. Finished off 9 more stands of Swedish Reiters that will be used as Imperial Cuirassiers for the event, but they still need dullcote so no pictures yet. I've also been working on labels for the back of the bases, printed off very tiny and cut to fit the back of the Litko bases. Should make the experience of walk-ins for the Historicon game a little easier.

Also got an electrician to run electric in the ceiling of my painting room so it can now have an overhead light.


  1. Your BF&S stuff looks great. What did you use as a painting reference?

  2. Hi,

    I actually didn't use anything. My units are mostly not historically accurate either. I painted stuff by unit colors to help identify them on the battlefield from a distance. For example, in my Polish, my Pancerni are all shades of red, Cossacks shades of purple, Light Cav shades of khaki, etc. Then I picked out details in sensible colors - beiges and gunmetal for firearms, browns for pants, boots, and straps, etc, various colors for headgear.

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  4. Another questions, how did you do your flags?

    1. They come with the Wargamer figures. They are stickers that you cut out and wrap around a lance. Pretty awesome quality, actually. Painted over any white backing lines that didn't quite line up.

  5. Yes, they do look good. Thanks.