Saturday, July 4, 2015

Miscellaneous Gaming

Not much in the way of painting progress recently due to poor lighting in my painting room and rainy days outside so not much natural light getting in, but I have gotten quite a few games in my new game room in the new house. 
Frank came over on Friday and we got some Frostgrave and DZC games in. Frostgrave is turning out to be a good quick little skirmish game. He is using his Hordes Legion models for his warband; I continue to use my Skaven. The interesting thing about Frostgrave is there isn't a clear winner/loser. Technically, I won the battle, as Frank withdrew his warband from the table. But he did manage to find a genie in a bottle, and then push said genie off a cliff, resulting in FOUR levels of experience in the campaign phase, whereas I only got some piddly treasure and two levels. So I think we both "won" here.

And we also get in a DZC game, Frank playing his traditional Scourge, and I opted to play some UCM, as that's Frank's newish army, so I thought it would familiarize himself with the list somewhat. Frank absolutely murdered my UCM, winning 6-2.

On Saturday, Alex came over for some BFAS with his newly painted Muscovites. They look very nice - well done Alex!  We played Attack the Village at 9 FSP, I played my Turks. Alex ended up beating me pretty bad - one key turn saw three of my units go disorganized from cannon cast shot and point blank musket fire against a charge - and I never quite recovered. His Muscovites celebrated their first (and currently undefeated!) victory.

On the painting table currently is nine stands of Minifig Swedes for BFAS, two Chaos Helldrakes for WH40k, and a couple random Shaltari models for DZC.  Also been reading heavily the new Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar, and looking forward to trying that out soon.

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