Monday, July 13, 2015

Now That's What I Call an Army: By Fire and Sword Ottoman Turks

My By Fire and Sword Turkish army as of July 2015.

Here's a slightly panoramic view.

So what are you looking at?

  • 9x command stands
  • 18x Spahis w. shield
  • 12x Spahis w/ shield and lance
  • 12x Spahis w/ lance
  • 6x Spahi w/ shields
  • 6x Spahi of the Guard
  • 6x Deli
  • 6x Besli w/ spear/javelin
  • 12x Besli/Gonullu
  • 19x Segbans
  • 32x Janissaries
  • 6x Light Artillery
  • 1x Medium Artillery
  • 261 Horses
  • 169 Dudes
Doesn't sound like that much when you break it down like that!
I expect that to be the end of my Turkish army for a while. I will get some Azabs when they are available, and then work on some Tatars to be fielded as divisional allies.

Most of these will see the field at my Vienna game Friday night at Historicon!

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  1. Very nice looking. And I would be happy with just one unit painted right now.