Monday, August 3, 2015

GenCon 2015 Photodump

Just got back from GenCon favorite gaming convention by far. I didn't take very many pictures this year...just because there was so much to do I didn't stop to take a lot of pictures. There's tons more better photos up all over the internet over the coming weeks anyway.

Not actually my picture, but the best "Welcome" sign photo I could find.
We stayed at the Crown Plaza hotel, which is connected to Indy's Union Station (not DC's Union Station....showerthought....wonder if I can book a train ticket from Union Station to Union Station?...)

Our hotel was a train station
Creepy statues also in our train hotel
Statues moving as the con goes on....
 As we had vendor badges, we were able to mosey around the exhibition hall before GenCon's 61,000+ unique visitors flooded the halls, and take some unobstructed shots.
Halo fleet battles demo table
Wyrd Miniatures has the best stand by far in terms of aesthetics...they build a whole mini creepy village.
Wyrd booth pre-opening
More Wyrd booth

Malifaux booth

Random demo table

Infinity table

Infinity display

Infinity terrain

Boss monster booth sign

Deep Wars display board

Bolt action display board

Malifaux display board

Privateer Press booth
Rum and Bones display board
I spent a lot of the time at the Hawk Wargames booth. Surprise surprise. They were frantically finishing off the giant Dropfleet battleship late Wednesday night into Thursday morning.
Hawk Wargames booth Dropfleet UCM battleship, forget the relative scale, but it was several feet long. Note this ISN'T the giant truescale Avenger they have at salute.

Several yet-to-be-seen releases, including the Scourge Vampires and Resistance Sapper teams, as well as the next wave of famous commanders. The famous commanders will also be releases as "generic" options over time, allowing tournament-legal armies to field things such as the UCM Broadsword and the Resistance Lifthawk with a crew compartment.

New releases, including a few yet-to-be-seen things

More new releases

UCM Dropfleet models

Scourge Dropfleet models
Upcoming XWing stuff

Upcoming Armada stuff

Upcoming IA stuff
 There was a 16 player DZC tournament on Friday, which I won with Resistance, and Joe took second with Scourge. NoVA represent!
Scavenged terrain I took home with me after the tournament

The exhibition hall about four hours after closing...mostly cleared out. They move fast!

Loot haul!
My loot haul includes mostly DZC stuff:

  • Eight 4x4 DZC tables including terrain
  • Four more Monorail kits
  • Another Orbital Defense Laser
  • Two signed Collector's Edition rulebooks
  • All the latest (and near future) DZC releases
  • The Game of Thrones 2nd Edition LCG
  • Rum and Bones pirate board game and it's French faction expansion
  • Some new Malifaux plastics to expand my Collodi/Frostgrave crew

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