Monday, August 10, 2015

Malifuax/Frostgrave Collodi Crew

Painted up some of the new Malifaux plastics for my Frostgrave crew...although I wouldn't be opposed to trying out Malifaux with them again as well!

First up we have Collodi (left) and Vasilia (right). Collodi will be my Wizard for Frostgrave, and Vasilia my apprentice.

The four Marionettes will be Thugs for Frostgrave, although once I'm rolling in the gold, I'll probably upgrade them to Infantrymen.

The Wicked Dolls will start as Infantryman, and eventually upgrade to Men at Arms.

Teddy will be my Medium Construct, replacing a Thug if I summon him.

The Mechanical Rider, painted to look wooden instead of metallic, will be my Large Construct, also replacing a thug.

I'm working on an Arcane Effigy to use an Archer, but having issues assembling it, so it may be a while before it's done.

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