Sunday, August 23, 2015

DZC: Scourge Reinforcements

My Scourge has long been my neglected DZC army, despite actually being my first...early on Joe claimed Scourge as "his", so it made little sense to keep up my Scourge as I had access to his 6000pts whenever I wanted. But as time goes on, and there's no DZC models left for me to obtain for the other four Scourge inevitable grew.

First up, a blister of Prowlers (and their dropshops), enabling me to take my Destroyers that I painted up a while ago. I would like to have another eight prowlers, but assembling them was pretty terrible and I'm not looking forward to doing more.

New release: The Screamer and it's Raider dropship. The Screamer is actually a monster/dinosaur thing with Scourge armor implanted on it. It's basically a giant, living Prowler, and it's dropship is a giant flying cage.

A pair of Reaver gunships.

An an Oppressor to round out my command options. I'll need to get a bunch more Harbinger Assault Dropships for both this Oppressor and some upcoming walkers...

In addition I finished up a Malifaux Arcane Effigy to go with my Collodi crew for Frostgrave, although I haven't done anything with Frostgrave in months.

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