Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Now That's What I Call an Army: Resistance

These army shots are getting too big for my lightbox...

So that's a total of:
4x Leviathans
4x Lifthawks
2x  Krakens
4x Battle Buses
6x Jackson APCs
3x Breaching Drills
1x Barrell Bomber
4x Cyclones
2x Hellhogs
24x Rocket Technicals
24x Gun Technicals
6x Gun Wagons
6x Storm Wagons
3x Flame Wagons
4x Hannibals
2x Zhukovs
2x Alexanders
1x Thunderstorm Custom
12x Resistance Fighters
4x Occupation Veterans
4x Berserkers
12x Freeriders
4x Attack ATVs

While pretty high in model count, only comes to 4471 pts, not counting the famous commanders, commander upgrades, or any of the UCM allied stuff. I'll continue to add to the Resistance over time...probably a new more Krakens and Occupation Veterans in the immediate future, and another 48 technicals because why not.

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