Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Update: Without Seth Meyers

Not a whole lot of painting done the past two days, due to a FoW tournament on Saturday and myself attempting to switch my body back to overnight schedule for work. Did bang out five more partisans for Bolt Action (Musketeer Miniatures figs) and another two dragoon stands for By Fire and Sword (mounted and dismounted)

Then today, suddenly, my WN size 0 brush just....died. I've only been using this one for about a month, and all my previous WN brushes have lasted years. Not sure what happened here, but it's thrown a wrench in my painting until a new one arrives (sometime between Oct 10-17th!)...this was my most-used brush size.

On Saturday we had a 1500pt EW FoW tournament.  I didn't take a ton of pictures as I was tired, and barely made it through the day without playing photojournalist. I took my Polish 10th Motor - 2 squads of boots, 4 squads of 2pdrs, one squad of 75s, and HQ mortars. No tanks. Lots of trucks, though!

Round one I played Ben's Kradschuten in Dust Up. Eeked out a 3-4 loss.

 Round two I had to attack Mitch's Japanese in No Retreat. Pulled out a 5-2 win, but it was a long game.

And round three I didn't take any pictures apparently. Oh well, you miss the excitement of a 1-6 loss against Jon's Panzers. I think I killed two models total?

Ah well, all in all, was a good day. I was the only Polish player, so I'm glad I took them instead of the Soviets.

Next on my project table:
Six stands of BFAS Volunteer Cavalry (just awaiting flocking and dullcote)
Still plugging away at two 40k Chaos Predators
As soon as more bases arrive, the last 8 partisans for the Bolt Action army

Then...who knows where I'll go. Strip some CSM and Daemonettes and paint them in my new scheme? More models for my Malifaux crew? Start a Pike and Shotte army? AIW FoW? We shall see!

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