Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bolt Action: AK army complete!

Finally finished off my Bolt Action AK army. Was waiting on bases for the last eight figures. For those not familiar, the Armia Krajowa was a Polish resistance army during WW2. The underground force worked to provide a lot of intel to the allies, and were a major combat force in various operations, including the Warsaw Uprising.

I built this army for Flames of War a few years ago, and have played it a fair bit, although it's not at all competitive, with support options that just cost more than other factions equivalents and other limitations.

Working on this army has been a joy. I've worked to ensure that each figure is different - no sculpts are repeated. There are figures from Musketeer, Warlord, Black Tree, Artisan, Foundry, West Wind, Victory Force, Brigade, and a few additional one-of manufacturers I found, in addition to the Kubus model from Toro Model.

So I present V1 of my Bolt Action AK Partisans army:

  • Command Squad (Reg) 60
  • Kedyw Squad (Reg, 10 guys, +Faust, +4 SMG) 117
  • Kedyw Squad (Reg, 10 guys, +Faust, +4 SMG) 117
  • Piat (Reg) 40
  • Flamer (Reg) 40
  • Med Mortar (Reg) 50
  • Light ATG (Reg) 50
  • Kubus (Inexp) 84
  • Command Squad (Reg) 60
  • AK Squad (Inexp, 20 guys, shotguns) 120
  • AK Squad (Inexp, 20 guys, shotguns) 120
  • Piat (Reg) 40
  • Flamer (Reg) 45
  • Light ATG (Reg) 50

There are two Kedyw squads - 10 regular guys with rifles, SMGs, and panzerfausts. They had the best equipment available to the AK, including a lot of captured German uniforms.
Kedyw squad #1

Kedyw squad #2

 Since I have two platoons, I took two sqauds of improvised flame throwers, since they are one of the more iconic weapons of the Warsaw Uprising.
Flame Throwers
 The AK received a fair amount of Piats from the UK, so I took two squads of them as well. I also took two Light Anti-Tank Guns, one German Pak36 and one EW Polish 37mm.
Piat Squad #1

Light ATG squad #1

Piat Squad #2

Light ATG Squad #2
 I also have two AK squads, which are 20-man inexperienced blobs with shotguns (bad shotguns, not the awesome assault-weapon shotguns British and Americans have in BA)
AK Squad #1

AK Squad #2
 A captured German 8cm mortar will provide indirect support.
Medium Mortar
 And the Kubus improvised armored car will provide limited "armored" support, using the rules as a KhT-26 flame tank.
Kubus Armored Car


  1. very nice! I keep getting tempted by the Resistance but I just have too much unfinished to consider for BA at this time....still have German vehicles to finish up and a box of pioneers soon. Not to mention the French are in process and I just pledged for the Fins in the winter war I have plenty to do!

  2. That is a very cool force, so much character and thought in it. I've seen an excellent example of the Armia Krajowa for FoW, but the larger scale here really takes it to another level. Great stuff :-)

  3. I love this so much. My family fled poland in ww2 and I've grown up on stories of the uprising. I'm looking to start boltaction and wanted to play AK what rulebook did you use for this force?

    1. Hi,

      For Bolt Action, I used the French & Minor Allied Powers book - it has a generic Partisans list.

  4. would you like to sell them by any chance?