Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some AIW Tanks and 40k Daemonettes

Banged out another 10 Daemonettes and a few AIW tanks. Hope to finish off 20 Noise Marines and three Terminators tonight as well.

Daemonette Host and Mommy Daemonette
 First five SU-100's and two AA ZSU-57s. Got one more SU-100 to round of the squad at six, but awaiting the rest of my T55s before I mix the airbrush colors again.

What's next on the plate?
20x Khurasan T55s as soon as they arrive in the mail
20x PSC T34/85s (for AIW) as soon as they're not backordered
3x Gorgon Studios Polish Black Brigade LMGs for Bolt Action/Chain of Command
10x Seekers of Slaanesh (assembled, ready to go, but holding off starting them due to T55s should be arriving soon...)

Then what? Maybe some Pike and Shotte on the horizon. Maybe another Bolt Army army. Maybe a Chain of Command army in 15s.

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