Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Midweek Updates - Bolt Action and 40k

 Haven't had the most productive week ever, but I guess I could have done worse.

First up we have some Partisan piat teams.

Only the yellow dude is actually carrying piat. I thought this guy had one, until I was almost done with the model, when I realized it was an SMG. He's going to work for now though - if it took me this long to notice, I'm sure my opponents won't. I do have another piat model, but it's prone, and I don't like prone figures as they don't fit on the base very well.

Painted up two Forgeworld Sonic Dreadnaughts. I'll tell you, I've been on a 40k kick, but painting pink is starting to wear that down pretty quick. I'm putting pink right up there with white as a horrible color to paint. I'm not really happy with these dreads in the current state, but they're going to do for now. Maybe after some varnish and weathering powders they'll look a bit better.

And two quick Bolt Action "terrain" pieces I painted up for a review. Expect to see more of them up on soon.
That's it for now. Currently on the table are :

  • Two stands of BFAS Dragoons and seven stands of Reiters, just awaiting dullcote and flocking.
  • Two 40k tri-las predators just basecoated blank...awaiting the dreaded pink
  • Another 10 AK partisans with rifles that will put me very close to being done with that army.

The whole government shutdown bit has put a small damper on things. I kinda got the worst of both worlds - I still have to go to work and still don't get paid, at least not until the whole thing resolves. So no drastically increased painting time, and less money to spend on figs for a bit. Ah well, shit happens.

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