Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some more AK Bolt Action Dudes

Painted up a Warlord German Waffen SS Blister. Actually painted then in more of a generic German scheme, since I already have some peadot camo figures painted from the Artisan line. Most of these will see there way into Kedyw squads, since they had a lot of captured German equipment.

Some of the eyes need some touchup.

The rest of my By Fire and Sword came in - two Polish starter boxes, two boxes of Polish Volunteers/Nobility, and some Swedish Reiters and Dragoons. One of the Polish Skirmish boxes is underway, and hopefully will be painted this afternoon so I can try them out tomorrow at Huzzah. This will also give me two armies to run demos with. 

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  1. The rubble on the bases looks really awesome, and I like the addition of the partisan armbands.