Friday, September 27, 2013

By Fire and Sword: My Poles vs Franks Cossacks

Last night I scheduled a game with Frank against his Cossacks. Now that I've got 12 FSP of Polish ready to rock, it was time for a rematch.

The Polish deploy their battle line. The Cossacks are hiding in their foxholes.

I roll a 4 for initiative. Frank appears to not even roll a die, so I guess that means initiative is mine.
Polish Cossack Style Cav taking the far flank
The Poles send their Wallachains to scout the hill, with Pancerni behind to take on anyone who pops out of Ambush.
Nope...nothing on this side of the hill! They must have run away before we even got here...

It's OK...I'd run from this battle line too...Perhaps next time!
(Yes, this "batrep" was done in jest poking some fun at a friend. I promise BFAS is usually more exciting than this)


  1. Figures look good, Scott. The Cossacks have mastered camouflage and hit and run tactics. Not only couldn't you see us, we already scouted, raided and were gone before your slow-butted pots and pans could catch us.

  2. Hi there, nice looking game. I´m also paintin my cossaks atm - for "By fire and sword"
    I hoped on an AAR but I readed the "...poking some fun...!" so it´s okay, lol.
    Maybe you can do a AAR because I never had played BFAS before - only to see how it works rulewise!

    1. The only other AAR I have for BFAS is here:

      Hope to get some more done soon though!