Monday, September 2, 2013

NOVA Open 2013: FoW Stats and Photodump

Flames of War Winners
Mid War
Renaissance Man (Best Overall, 50/50 Appearance/VPs): Byron Sinor - US Tanks
Tournament Champion (Highest VP): Bill Dorais - Italian Light Tanks/Mech
Field Marshal (Second Highest VP): Al Edel - German Infantry
Brigadier (Third highest VP): Maurice Kent - US Infantry
Master Engineer (Highest Appearance): Ramon Solis - US Infantry
War Chaplain (Favorite Opponent): Mitch Reed - British Infantry

Late War
Renaissance Man (Best Overall, 50/50 Appearance/VPs): Byron Sinor - Nisei
Tournament Champion (Highest VP): Bill Dorais - Canadians
Field Marshal (Second Highest VP): Joe Trueblood - 2ID
Brigadier (Third highest VP): Bob Everson - Always Canadians
Master Engineer (Highest Appearance): Sean Sarah - RV Cromwells
War Chaplain (Favorite Opponent): John Desch - PttM Mech

Flames of War Statistics
  • Over the event, there were 58 tournament games of Flames of War played over three days between 19 unique players. 
  • Of these 58 games, 12 games ended early because of time. 
  • Of these 12 games, only one did not reach six turns. 
  • The most common mission to time out was Frontline Domination, which timed out in seven games, in addition to 
  • Three games of Dust Up, one game of No Retreat, and one game of Fighting Withdrawal. (Two additional games of LW Fighting Withdrawal technically would have timed out, but since it was at the end of the first day and there was no time constraints, were allowed to take the additional 10-ish minutes to finish)

  • The event was NOT Red vs Blue. Round 1 was mostly RvB, but then based on standings.
  • A total of 14 allied players and 15 axis players. (8/7 in MW, and 6/8 in LW)
  • Allies won 31 games, with Axis winning 23. (12/11 in MW, and 19/12 in LW). The difference between wins and total games resulted in some Meeting Engagement missions resulting in a double loss.

Thanks to all who came out!

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