Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bolt Action: The Start of my AK Army

After finally getting in some red pigments, I could start working on the basing for my Bolt Action Partisan AK army. These figures have sat painted for a while awaiting more basing materials. A little more dullcote and I think they'll be good to go. I like the redish powder on the bases, but I think I'll refrain from putting it on 100% of them.

Army shot thus far

This army should be a blast to work on. I'm still awaiting roughly 2/3 of the army to arrive. Each figure is different - there won't be any duplicate models in the army, which is impressive when you realize I'm making two 20-man inexperienced blobs and three 10-man regular squads.

My army will be divided into two types: Regular rated Kedyw platoons, wearing mostly captured German uniforms and equipped with Panzerfausts and SMGs.

...and the Inexperienced rated AK platoons, made up of mostly partisan figures from random manufactures.

Flame thrower

Light ATG (Actually a left-over EW Polish one - in the partisan list they only get two crew)

Medium mortar - captured German one.

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