Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FoW 10th Motorized Reinforcements and Some Musings

Not a whole lot painted on these two days off. I'm kinda hesitant to start any new projects because I have some more BFAS bases arriving later this week, and have about 8 points of Swedes rearing to go.

I did manage to get a few reinforcements for my 15mm 10th Motor. A platoon of 75s, a fourth platoon of 37s, and two medium mortars for the HQ attachment.

Not a whole lot else got done, as I spent the majority of Tuesday basecoating and camouflaging about 5000 points of a friends FoW Germans. It's kinda the worst when you paint someone elses stuff, cause I spent most of a day and no pictures to show for it!

 I actually cheated on the 37s...these guns were just rebased on to bases with 10th Motor crew - stolen from my "normal" Polish army. Didn't really think I needed to buy more when I already own 12 of these guns...

 And this is my next little mini project - a Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets that has been assembled but unpainted for years. It's actually almost done now, but I'll save those pictures for another day.

And, I bought a Grex airbrush - one of the new "standard" style ones. I'm kind of an Iwata fanboy, as I have two of their excellent brushes already and a whole slew of their accessories, but with Huzzah stocking Grex, I'd really like to switch to them since replacement parts would be readily available a few minutes away. I did spent a few hours basecoating and camoflauging a friends FoW Germans this afternoon (about 5000 points worth), and so far I'm not impressed with it - It's a lot heavier and bulkier, does the same quality job, and is a lot more effort to clean. But, it was kinda hasty work on my mates stuff, so I want to give the Grex another good shot later this week when I can sit down and try some more intricacies with it.

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