Friday, September 20, 2013

Bolt Action: Partisan Update

Well, I'm at a cadence - I need more Partisans. You can see the status below. Trying not to duplicate any figures - already exhausted Artisan, Warlord, Black Tree Designs, and a few random one-off companies that I've already forgotten who they were.

  • The Piat Teams are on their way (Warlord). 
  • I think for the one missing Kedyw Rifle/Faust team, I'll grab a Russian Panzerfaust guy - haven't used any of those so far.
  • Two more Kedyw Rifle teams...probably more Russian dudes.
  • Ten more Partisan/AK rifle figures - this is going to be tough. Open to suggestions to any more figures out there. I picked up some 20mm figures thinking I could use them as children, but they're way too small. Maybe some 25mm Partisan figures somewhere? In a pinch, I could use the Partisans w/ SMGs, and just say they're shotguns, but I'd prefer not to.

Group shot so far.


  1. Old Glory 15's has a pack of Resistance from Battle Honors. Also, two packs of French are made by West Wind. There are a few civilians you could use....they make a set of them...also check the Resistance at Dixon and some of the other civilians...for also other youth you could rip of the Hitler Youth made by Great Escape Games, they all have Panzerfausts....

    Loving the concept! Are you going to add any ATGs or stolen Vehicles?

    1. Hesitant to pick up the Battle Honors resistance pack sight unseen as they don't have pics on their webstore. Do you have any pictures of the figures?

      Yeah, theres two ATGs hiding in the back row - one's an early Pak36, and the other is an early Polish 25, along with the Kubus car, which I'll be using the rules for a T26 flame tank for.

    2. I have plans to get a pack of the Battle Honors resistance in the future. Tried to Google-Fu them to no avail. I can say this: I bought the Groupe Franc, Alpine Chaussers, Regular French Command and Mech Infantry packs and was very pleased with what I got. A friend got a pack of Gurkhas and was pleased by them also. Another player in the area got a bunch of BA Marines and loved them, he wants more of the line. I know most people it is a blind buy which sucks but i seem to only hear good results with these actions. Plus it is $17 for 10 figs, which even if they suck no huge loss.

      I have images of my figs on my blog Dice of Legends if you want to swing by and look.