Thursday, January 19, 2012

Polish Lancers vs Bersaglieri 1500

Huzzah Hobbies got their Battlefront train tracks in today, so we had two tables set up with them in the shop today. What a great occasion for some armored train action! Alex is playing Bersaglieri; mission is ecounter. This mission went very quickly and wasn't the funnest for either of us, but I wanted to post pictures of hooves and trains, so here it is.

Scott's Polish Lancers
  • HQ hooves
  • Small hooves platoon
  • Small hooves platoon
  • 4x 75mm ATG with horse limbers
  • 3x 25mm ATG
  • 5x Tankettes with Orliv
  • Armored train with two light cars
Alex's Bersaglieri
  • HQ boots
  • Boots platoon
  • Boots platoon
  • 4x 75mm arty
  • 4x 100mm arty
  • 5x Carri tanks
  • 5x Carri tanks
  • 2x Coastal guns


75mm ATGs start on my far left

Innocent looking 100mm arty sitting on an objective in the corner

Some Italians huddled up on the woods.

Scott's Polish Lancers
  • 1x Hooves platoon
  • 25mm ATG platoon
  • Tankettes platoon
  • 1x Hoovies platoon on the board bypassed
Alex's Bersaglieri
  • 1x Carris platoon
  • 75mm arty
  • Coastal guns
  • 1x boots platoon

Scott's Polish Lancers: 75mm ATG in the corner. Train drives on turn one. Hooves are bypassed.

Alex's Bersaglieri: Carris in the middle. 100mm arty on one objective, boots on the other.


Bypassed hooves show up on my far right flank, just inches from an objective guarded by artillery.


Scott's Polish Lancers
    Alex's Bersaglieri
    • 1x 100mm gun

    Scott's Polish Lancers: Bypassed hooves show up and surround the arty. Train kills one 100mm gun. ATG move towards the middle of the board to take advangtage of Horse Artillery rules.

    At first I assaulted the 100mm guns with the bypassed hooves, wiped them out, and consolidated on the objective, before I reread and noticed they can't assault the turn they come on. So we backtracked it a few minutes and continued.

    Alex's Bersaglieri: Tanks charge to towards the hooves in a desperate rescue mission. MG fire does not kill any hooves.

    TURN 2

    ATG move towards the middle

    Uh, are we supposed to be scared by horses?

    Yep. Horses were scary.

    Shoot those hooves!

    Hooves take the crashed plane!

    Scott's Polish Lancers
    • 2x hooves
    Alex's Bersaglieri
    • 1x 100mm gun

    Scott's Polish Lancers: Well after learning they couldn't assault turn one, the hooves assault turn two, and as expected, murder over the arty, consolidating well in front of the objective.

    Alex's Bersaglieri: MG fire kills several hooves, but not enough to force morale.

    Well, a very fast 6-1 for the Polish lancers. This is very atypical of their usual performance, but shows what can happen when you get lucky enough to get bypassed turn one, and then they show up in the worst possible place for your opponent. We have a rematch scheduled for Sunday!

    More pictures of the Polish lancers and their wonderful bendy lances available at

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