Sunday, January 15, 2012

Conflict GT Wrapup

Just a quick recap of the event. I posted battle reports of rounds 2, 4 and 5. I took a standard 7th AD Desert Rats list (3 squads of Cromwells, 4x M10s, 4x Sextons, and Recce).  I didn't get enough notes and/or pictures of games 1 and 3 for detailed posts. But a quick summary:

Round One: I played against Payton and his Fallschiwhatever in FFA. He had a list of 2 squads of boots, 2 squads of HMG, 4x 105s, 3x stugs, 3x hetzers, and 2x 88s.  I pulled a 4-3 win, but it was very close. There was very little LOS blocking terrain on this particular board, so all of our armor was in the open most of the time.

Round Three: I played against Tom (I think was the name?) and his Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadiers in Hasty Assault. I had not played this mission before. This game was my only loss of the weekend. I charged onto the objective turn two, and we shook hands over a very fast zerg-rushed mission, before we realized you can't win before turn 6 in this mission! I decided to keep all the squads in the corner with the objective and just try to hold out until turn 6, but the rest of my army got piecemealed, and eventually even my blob on the objective was pushed back by the Panzergrenadiers and all of the tank-hunter teams. A well fought and deserved victory for Tom.

All in all, I went 4-1 on games with a total of 24 VP. I also took home the Best Painted for FoW (although it was only 10 people!) It was strict RvB pairings, so everyone played everyone of the opposite faction, rather than using standings for pairings. The best Axis general was the fortified boots platoon I beat in Round 2.  I obviously did not play against the Best Allied general, who took Soviet Rota Rezvedki, and I believe he was the only undefeated player as well.

Overall, Conflict Gt was a blast. I had not been to this event before, and did not know what to expect. I was a little worried about the event being held in a mall, but the location was really great - TONS of room, easy access to food, parking, etc. I'm also a big fan of the 5-day, 3 rounds and then 2 rounds setup. And the local crew was awesome, fun, and very hospitable. I will definitely return to this event in the future.

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