Thursday, January 19, 2012

Army List Thoughts - Polish Home Defense Army

Those that know me know that I have the "unique snowflake" syndrome when it comes to wargaming armies - I want to play the army that no one else plays, or often has even heard of. Thus when Red Bear came out, the Polish Home Army immediately caught my eye.

The base for the list is Fearless Conscript, which I'm sure turns a lot of people off. However, a lot of the units can be Fearless Trained. The two combat companies are the AK Piechoty Company (FC) which consists of squads of 5 rifle teams. One squad can be upgraded to Pioneer rifles, and one stand in the entire company can be swapped for a piat, and one for a homebuilt flamethrower. At full size, you pay 235 points for 14  rifle stands, 5 pioneer rifle stands, 1 flamerthrower, and one piat. Not terrible, although the chances of getting a successful assault off are near zero.

The other combat company is a Kedyw company. These guys are interesting in that they are Fearless Trained, and every stand can be upgraded to a Panzerfaust. Also, they can swap one out for a flamethrower. They also have the options of gammon bombs and adding piats.  215 points gets your 8 SMG teams, 1 SMG panzerfaust command team, and upgrades all the SMGs to have gammon bombs. In a more tank-aggressive meta, 265 points gets you 9 panzerfaust SMG teams.

In the weapon companies, they can take some fairly cheap, albeit conscript, mortars. But conscript mortars smoke just as good as veteran ones. They can take a squad of ATG, with two conscript Pak40s tallying up to 70 points, which isn't terrible, although I'm not a huge fan of gun teams in general.

In divisional support, they get one armored option. They can take EITHER one or two panthers, a tiger, a PZ4, a tiger and pz4, or a hetzer. All of the tanks are RoF 1, and rated at Fearless Trained. The 2 panthers run 330 points, which for some reason is a lot more than 2 Soviet trained panthers. Nonetheless, I am leaning towards the double panther option due to my lack of direct fire AT elsewhere. They can also take up to 6 conscript 105s, and a strelkovy blob.

My current plan for 1575 is:

HQ w/ 2 Fausts: 40
AK Piechoty Company, full size, w/ pioneers: 260
Kedyw Company, full size, all panzerfausts: 265
Kedyw Company, full size, all panzerfausts: 265
AK Mortar Company, 6x captured German 8cm: 100
Kedyw Tank Platoon, 2x Panther: 330
AK Artillery Battery, 6x 105, w/ observer: 195
4x Street fortifications: 120

1750 is harder to run with this list, as you literally can end up filling every box. I'd probably run the above, and add on the Pak40s, 2 armored cars (not recce), and perhaps some HMG and combat attach them.

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  1. Looks good, very unique snow flake like. Having discussed with you how you are building this army and the ragtag look it will have, I am looking forward to seeing it on the table.