Sunday, September 7, 2014

By Fire and Sword: More Ottoman Spahis (Now With Lances!)

 Painted up another six stands of Ottoman Spahis. This batch has lances.

And now, history lesson time! The majority of the ottoman spahis were feudal conscripts, although as they were somewhat wealthy, they were fairly well equipped. While the feudal horse structure waned towards the end of the 17th century, they'll still the most prominent Ottoman cavalry present in the BFAS era.

Gameplay wise, they're actually pretty good. They do have "Poor Tactical Discipline", so they start with a -1 combat resolution, but having an armor of 4 and the ability to take lances (!!!) and shields, they pack quite a punch in close combat, especially if run in squadrons of six. And considering my skirmish force will have EIGHTEEN stands of them, three squadrons of six seems good to me!

As for now, I have six stands with lances and shields, and six stands with swords and shields. It was actually kinda poor planning to build the first six with shields as I can't have 12 shielded stands in a skirmish force, but oh well. The next batch of six will be shieldless.

Next up will be some command stands and Besli, allowing me to field a legal Skirmish list. However, I've also got some of Alex's red DZC UCM on the painting table, as well as some DZC Resistance of my own that should arrive any day now.

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