Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bolt Action: Polish AK Captured Panther

Won one of Warlord's new plastic panther kits at a tank battles release event. Figured I'd paint it up to go with my Polish AK. (which, coincidentally, haven't seen the table in about a year now).

The AK captured two panthers during the Warsaw uprising, in addition to a small collection of other AFVs. Problem is, I'm not sure I'll ever use the panther in BA. For my AK, I have to take it inexperienced, and it also comes with an additional drawback of taking double pins. (Which while seemingly minor, the concept really bothers me - you can't say the points system is fair when different armies pay the same points for the same thing, but one is just worse!)

But the real dealbreaker is the inexperienced taking the -1 to hit on an expensive RoF 1 weapon. I wish I could take the captured vehicles as regulars in BA, much like they are in FoW. Sure, they might have only had the panther for a day, but they've been stealing and figuring out German equipment for longer than most of the German soldiers in the city have been in the war...

Regardless, fun model. I had the track gap problem that many folks have pointed out in various reviews around the web, but it's easy enough to cover up with weathering on the tracks.

In other news, painting challenge! So I'm playing Germans in a LLW tournament next Saturday, Oct 4. As some of you know, I always prefer to build and paint a new army for a tournament whenever possible. So I've ordered my army for it. It'll arrived Wednesday, which gives me Wednesday night-Saturday morning to paint up my 1750 army for it! With that said, it's not a very big army.

6x Tiger 2s
6x Nebelwefers
6x Flak43 AA guns
18x Volkstrum stands

I'll be cheating a little bit, and reusing some infantry I already have. Didn't want to buy $50 of Volkstrum that I'll probably never use again. Although that didn't stop me from buying $120 of Tiger 2s I'll probably never use all six of again either,...

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