Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DZC: Our First Resistance Game

Joe and I played a 1400ish pt game with the new Resistance. We didn't purchase any command levels or use command cards (since they're not out yet for the Resistance), and didn't proxy anything - opting to use the existing releases instead.

We played the three objective/two focal point scenario with corner deployment.

For the Resistance, I took
Alexander, 2x Cyclones
3x Gun Wagons on a Kraken, 3x Gun Wagons on a Kraken
12x Rocket Technicals, 12x Rocket Technicals
3x 2-stand squads of infantry in a Lifthawk
3x 2-stand squads of infantry in a Lifthawk
2x Hannibals in a Lifthawk, 2x Hannibals in a Lifthawk

Joe's Scourge consisted of five squads of boots in lights, two heavy tanks, a squad of each basic tank, a squad of each basic walker, a Desolator, and two squads of Prowlers.

The Scourge started off poorly when the first Invader crashes attempted to fly at the deck with a load of Prowlers.

The other Invader flies on in a different direction

Scourge armor advancing up the road

A Lifthawk takes some turn one AA shots crashing the surviving Invader and all it's contents

Droppin' some guys off at the station

Alexander drives on and starts plucking away at a far building

The Gun Wagons utilize the ability to disembark and shoot effectively

Lifthawk drops off some Hannibals, hoping to eliminate the nearby Prowler with shooting afterwards, but does not succeed.

The Scourge armor tears into the Hannibals

Cyclones move up unleashing all of their rockets and failing to do any damage to Scourge heavies

Dropship battle!

Scourge walkers crash one Cyclone

And soon the second Cyclone goes down too

Technicals move up and start shooting at a building - the only thing in range!

While the remaining Scourge Warriors take to the walls to unleash hell..

Before their building comes crashing down!

Oh no.....

Killed 15/24 in one blast

Lifthawk crashes into a building

More buildings start going down

Scourge walkers munching on Technicals

All in all, had a blast. Really want to try out Technicals with Drills...driving on hurts, especially with corner deployments. I was way too aggressive with the Cyclones, but as cool as they look, I wanted to get them in the fray right away!

Hope to play again soon!


  1. Really enjoyed your report and the pictures of your gaming table/minis are gorgeous. Looking at your figures is pushing me to finish my PHR. Some beautiful stuff on both sides and the Resistance new figures are quite nice.

    I love the buildings and scenery and the nice touches that you do with posing crashed flyers or flaming wrecks. Question for you: what do you use for the buildings on your table?

    Brian K.

    1. Most of the buildings are Blotz (http://blotz.co.uk/). They're laser-cut wood...kind of a paint to put together, but a nice product once done.

    2. Anywhere in the US to order those?

    3. Sadly no. 4Ground has a range easily available in the U.S. now though, and Blotz will do shipping discounts on larger orders if you contact them directly.

  2. Awesome game. It's great seeing fully painted armies on a nice table.

  3. very nice Batrep, your Resistance look great!

  4. Really nice! But...I didn't get how it went? Very inspiring pictures and wreckage on what dies and damn that Desolator kills technicals!

  5. Really nice batrep ! Nice pictures, I especially like the models paintjob (one day I may steal that Scourge scheme...)