Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pike and Shotte: Swedish Light Cav

Getting around to my Pike and Shotte Battalia start box I picked up at Fall-In. It really is a great box and deal in terms of figures, although the plastics aren't the easiest to assemble and do have some quality issues. But in terms of getting models on the table cheaply, it's great.

The box is the straight Warlord ECW plastics. I added some additional brimmed adds to complete the Swedish look. I was originally going to do Polish, but they're just too different from the ECW plastics to make. Plus I've heard a rumor that Warlord is going to be doing plastic renaissance Polish eventually...

 I'll be using these as Light Cavalry in the Pike and Shotte Swedish list, and as Pistolers/possible Outriders for Empire in Warhammer Fantasy. I build the command structure for two blocks of 6x2. I could in theory make that four blocks of 6x1 for Pike and Shotte or four blocks of 5x1 for Pistoliers. Would probably stick with 6x2 for Outriders, although I'm not really sure whats optimal for WFB anymore.

Also started work on the 48 musketeers that come in the box, with additional brimmed hats as necessary.
Have 24 Pikemen as well, but going to need some more hats for them...

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  1. Man you work fast. I haven't even had time to start assembling mine yet.