Tuesday, February 25, 2014

FoW and Bolt Action Polish

Some random EW Polish projects in two different scales. Picked up some armored cars at NOVA last year - finally got around to painting them up, along with six more 7TP tanks. Going to try to run Polish armor in the next EW league using my 10th motor as support rather than the core.


Also this quick Fiat 508 car for Bolt Action. Needed something for the observer to ride in the an upcoming BA armored thing, so banged it out fairly quickly. As a side note, ordering from Company B direct is MUCH better than using Brigade games - it arrived in a matter of days rather than a matter of months, and they even contacted me a few days later just wanting to confirm it arrived, unlike Brigade who never answered my email about cancelling my order at all...

The DZC PHR reinforcements will be delayed a few weeks - I can't find my digital camo masks, so I had to reorder some new ones from the UK. Not sure what I'll work on in the meantime - possibly start my WW1 Russians, or attempt to build some of the DZC resin buildings, but in all actually I'll just play a bunch of the new Diablo 3.

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