Monday, February 10, 2014

Photodump: Templecon 2014

This past weekend Joe and I packed the car and trekked up to Providence, RI for Templecon 2014. Of all the conventions I go to yearly, Templecon is by far my favorite. I didn't play any Flames of War this year; I pretty much spent four days play DZC, chatting about DZC, loitering around the DZC booth, and playing other games with the creators of DZC.

The weather more or less held up. We were supposedly driving up during one snowstorm and driving back during another, but due to some poor timing decisions, we didn't leave until mid afternoon and missed most of the drive-up snow. We did encounter some rough patches on the way back in the Delaware/Maryland area, but still made it back in 7.5 hours.

I didn't take nearly as many pictures this year due to Clash of Clans killing my battery every day, and 95% of the pictures I did take are DZC centric. There weren't any new models really to snap up pictures of. The newest thing was the orbital defense laser that was previewed during their open day.

It's a hefty chunk of resin

Some concept art for the upcoming organized play league
 DZC Tournament One: Only four players. Was supposed to be 8, but a bunch bailed because of snow. I totally scrubbed out and went 0-3 placing dead last by a huge margin. I was also the only UCM player, playing a fairly slow UCM list, among a field of fairly quick Scourge lists. The day started with playing Recon vs Q, and I pulled two bombs on turn 2 vs his pulling a bonus objective, and it only went downhill from there.

Round two I played against...I think Tommy was his name? A really cool semi local guy up at the con with his wife. Also he carries his (10mm scale) figures around in a rifle case. Props to Tommy (I think) for NOT going double Desolator =)

 And last round I played against Joe, who went on to win the tournament. His army was unpainted and I took no pictures since I play against it at home whenever we play. Also I was too badly being bent over by double Desolators.

That night we hung out with Dave and Simon from Hawk Wargames at the bar, but being British and sick, they both retired early. We poked around to the board game room where you could check out all sorts of games to play for free. Checked out Suburbia, which has been on my radar for a while. Didn't end up liking it much, though.

There was also a retro early 90's style arcane room with all the machines set to free play. We poked around for a bit and play some classics.

On Friday morning, I ventured around the Warmachine room a bit. They had some really cool boards set up and some games going on early.

This Thunderdome board was set up for teams of 3 warcasters to play against each other which special scenario rules.
 The Early War FoW tournament was also underway nice and early. I think it started at 8? There's something to be said about the DZC tournaments not starting until 11am =) I wanted to play in the EW event as I do love me some Early War, but opted for a second DZC tourney instead.

DZC Tournament Two: Six players today. Three Shaltari, Two UCM, and One Scourge. I ended up placing third today. Guess I remembered how to play afterall. There was some absolutely abyssmal luck involved in all of my games on all party's sides. I've never seen so many crucial "ones" rolled when it counts. Really didn't get many pictures though. Played three new opponents - one UCM double Ferrum list, one tank heavy Shaltari, and one fairly balanced Shaltari. All three games were delightful to play against with my tank-heavy UCM - lots of gritty combat going on.

Joe went on to win the event again with Scourge.

The Warhammers were starting to set up later in the day.

Some stunning Tomb Kings

And a stunning Eldar as well

Much of the freehand floral patterns are lost in the picture, but it was unreal quality.

Relic Knights

Super Dungeon Explore

Played some Cards Against Humanity in the evening with the DZC crowd and Hawk guys. I thought this was fitting since I work for them.

A guardsman and his slightly less enthusiastic commissar.

Light-up Sedition Wars board

Supersized Warmachine figure

Snapped this picture of a building on a FoW table. Battlefront said it was a prototype that never entered production. But still awesome.

Parking was a pain due to all the snow a few days before taking up spots.

 On Saturday Joe and I set up some funsies games using the upcoming DZC Monorail release and just playing our own made up scenarios with it.

This dude was walking around in his 15 foot tall costume.

While this cat made chainmail armor out of floppy discs.

Rivet Wars

Some awesome Warmachine/Hordes scenario boards

More boards

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  1. It was great to meet and play a fun game with you Scott! I look forward to seeing you again at NOVA this year!

    FWIW, I'm working on MVB to let us do a DZC tourney on Thursday! :)

    Thanks again for an awesome game!