Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pike and Shotte: Pikemen

Polish off the pikemen I could make from the PnS battalia starter box. I do wish you got more of these - you get a pretty high ratio of muskets to pikes. I don't really need any more musketeers, but could use another unit or two of pikemen, so not sure how I'll pull that off without going metals.

Getting these cats to rank up nicely will be a challenge, but if I can get the new Skaven stormvermin to rank up, surely these will be a walk in the park.

In terms of WFB, I'll use them as halberdiers. Or possibly just not use them.

Up next on my painting table are some FoW EW Polish reinforcements - more tanks. Two Bolt Action vehicles - one Polish staff car and an Italian L6/40. And some DZC PHR, although it's going to be a while on them as my painting scheme for the PHR takes a long time for airbrush coats to dry.

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