Sunday, December 22, 2013

By Fire and Sword: Elite Cossacks

Painted up a squad of BFAS Elite Cossacks. They're just standard cossack figures with shields to let them stand out. This gives me almost 30 stands of cossack style cavalry to play with for BFAS, and lets me field some smaller end division level forces as well.

All I have left to paint BFAS-wise at the moment are my Winged Hussars, but I'm holding off on them while I debate if I want to paint all their steeds white (awesome looking) or not (more realistic looking).

In other news, I just primed a Bolt Action Chaffee, which apparently had some static grass sitting on it from basing these Cossacks. I haven't decided if that ruined the model, or will make it look more weathered. I guess time will tell!

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