Sunday, December 15, 2013

Flames of War AIW: T55s and Completed Syrian Army

Painting project progress as been slow. Work schedule has been terrible and only getting worse. Polished off 20 Khurasan T55s. This should complete my AIW Syrian army...for now anyway.

 I was REALLY suprised to see the quality of these T55s. They were, honestly, pretty piss poor. Which came as a suprise, because the first Khurasan T55 I ordered, as a test model, was AMAZING, and possibly the best quality 15mm figure I'd ever worked on. The last batch of 20 was, by far, the worst. At first I thought maybe they swapped casters or something, but the sheer amount of pink foam I plucked from the tracks leads me to believe I had the last batch of figures before the mold died or something.

All well. As crappily and weathered as I painted 'em up, you can't even tell.

And for the army group shot:

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