Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Update: 15mm Bersaglieri

Wow, has my painting spree slowed down. Between Christmas shopping and a major Eve deployment, the past week as hectic at best. I did however manager to paint up two squads of Bersaglierim in both 15mm and 28mm.

Here we have the 15mm. These are Battlefront figs. They are still shiny, and the feathers need highlighting. Also need to come up with something to do on the bases. I'll get some dead grass tufts and maybe some super small rocks. 

Still need to do all the special weapons the Bersaglieri get in MW. I have them sitting to the side, but just haven't gotten to assembling them yet.

Once the dip dries on the 28mm figs, I'll get them posted up too.

Next on the table?

  • Finishing off the basing on both sets of these Italians.
  • Working on 20x Khurasan T55s. The most recent batch that came in are pretty horrible quality and need some major repairs though.
  • 15mm Bersaglieri special weapons

Distant (but still within the next month or so) projects:

  • Pike and Shotte
  • A few more By Fire and Sword units
  • Some Deep Wars starter boxes

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