Friday, November 29, 2013

By Fire and Sword: Polish Cossacks with Spears

Short and sweet - just doing a bunch of small projects while waiting on my BA Bersaglieri to arrive. The Polish skirmish force I've been fielding for BFAS can take these spear and shield armed cossacks for free, but I didn't have the models up until now. Should add a bit more punch.


  1. Cool stuff, I keep meaning to try this game out. What are your thoughts on how the game plays? Is it tactically challenging?

    1. I really enjoy it, although there's a very small group of us that play it locally. It has enough randomness to keep it interesting. The order system is pretty nifty - you can't always order everything to do what you want, so you'll have to make decisions on which units to order, which ones to rally, which ones to reorganize, etc.